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Alex Patow
Analytics Engineer

Alex started his career leading engineering teams at Accenture Digital on projects from mobile apps for agriculture to research tools for asset managers. As a part of EQT’s Motherbrain team, he worked hand-in-hand with investment teams and portfolio companies on projects across the entire deal lifecycle. At Inflection, Alex leads data analytics, strengthening investment decision making and outcomes through data-driven research, sourcing, and portfolio support. He graduated from Boston University in 2015 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Currently, he resides in Stockholm.

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Alexander Lange
General Partner

Alex worked in growth and cybersecurity related roles with Google and early stage fintech Pepperbill before he became a venture investor. At Earlybird and Index Ventures he was focused on crypto finance and web infrastructure since 2015. Alex founded Inflection in early 2019 and is part of the investment team besides driving the firm’s strategy. He holds degrees in german law and economics from the Universities of Osnabrück and Lausanne. Berlin is his home.

Jon Levin Profile Picture
Jon Levin

Jon has been a lawyer for almost four decades with a focus on commercial law, real estate development and venture capital transactions. He is a founding partner of Garrity, Levin and Muir LLP, a boutique commercial law firm. As a co-founder of Inflection he is in charge of compliance, governance procedures and legal matters. Jon holds an undergraduate degree from Boston University and a law degree from Suffolk University Law School.

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Jonatan Luther-Bergquist

Jonatan started building privacy-preserving applications on Ethereum in 2016 for the United Nations, Siemens, Bosch, BMW and Max Planck institute. As an IT architect for Boston Consulting Group he led large scale strategy and implementations of energy trading systems as well as data-driven innovation management funnels for CPG companies. At Inflection he is part of the investment team and focuses primarily on deep algorithmic and compute innovations. He holds degrees in engineering physics and computational science from Uppsala university, EPFL and TU Munich. He lives in Munich.

Rebecca M Profile
Rebecca M.
VP Finance

Rebecca (Becky) entered the world of finance through her work at a real estate investment and development firm where she led due diligence, budgeting and marketing for almost two decades. In early 2019 she co-founded Inflection with a focus on investor relations, accounting and controlling. She holds a degree from the University of the South.

Robert S Profile Picture
Robert S.

Bob has been a serial entrepreneur in consumer electronics and software before he founded a real estate investment and development firm which he led for more than two decades. In early 2019 he co-founded Inflection with a focus on fund administration, operations and stakeholder management. He holds degrees in political science and business from the Emory University.

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We are committed to a future where sovereign compute platforms power human progress by backing founders with capital, networks and technology. At the earliest stages, we invest into compute networks that scale effectively, demonstrate resilience and enable the free flow of data.

Our ecosystem is led by a team of seasoned operators, engineers and researchers based out of Berlin, Munich, Stockholm and Boston. We are complemented by a global network of innovators.

We perceive ourselves as a networked ecosystem, not an established venture firm. We align our incentives with (pre) seed stage founding teams by taking concentrated, high conviction and low velocity positions of up to $2M.

Our investment process is radically transparent. “Which school did you go to?”, “You are too early.” or “Who else is investing?” are sentences you won’t hear from us.

We are backed by independent smart money including Accolade, Isomer, Hutt Capital, Evanston, Crosslayer, Marc Andreessen, Chris Dixon, Erik Voorhees and Bo Shao amongst many others.

All decisions of our firm are guided by our core values:

Care: We are emotionally invested into our work and empathise with our community.

Openness: We seek truth over status and challenge decisions when we disagree. We commit wholly once decisions are made.

Science: We embrace curiosity and the unconventional. We experiment and innovate.

Ownership: We embrace independence and seek alignment, not consensus. All of us hold equity in the firm.

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